the historic cedar school

established in 1857


The small town of Troutdale OR in its youngest years, and still to this day, was overgrown with farmland potential; and though it withheld bountiful agricultural promise in its future, it lacked in education opportunity.

WB Jones recognized this call to action and donated a one acre lot of land to the School District in 1857. The building - made of cedar logs - was small in square footage, yet held the future of Troudale's youth in it's hands and impacted the community with its first educational building.

Today, The Historic Cedar School stands erect in its original location, still impacting its community as the face of the 'Historic Preservation' code - a code dedicated to preserving and restoring Multnomah County's historic sites and buildings.


  • 1857 - The Cedar School was built as a small 12' x 18' log building, holding classes of 4-6 children.
  • 1886 - Second building was built containing one 20' x 40' room and a magnificent bell tower.  This bell can now be seen on the front steps of the third building.
  • 1920's - Third and final renovation carried through, leaving you with the very brick building you see today; made up of one classroom and an auditorium which held school plays and town meetings on its stage. 
  • 2016 - Began the transformation into The Historic Cedar School event venue.