Wildflower 1st Birthday Party

Our beautiful baby Iris turned one on March 22nd and we threw her the wild flower themed party of our dreams!


Above: the lady of the hour in her room!

Wild flower bunting, created with postcards from the NY botanical garden, and tied off to giant balloons floated over the space while tables were lined with whimsical wild flowers.

Below: Each plate was filled with a pack of wild flower seeds to take home.

I made a wild flower crown for her newborn shoot so it was important to me to make her another one for her 1st birthday. I used some of the skills I picked up during one of Foraged Blooms’ wreath making classes :)


We brought in the antique picnic table for the dessert spread. We painted it white last year before wedding season and it is seriously my favorite thing! Its super long and rustic in design but the white makes it a blank canvas for anything and everything. Love it in front of the shiplap wall!


Lets talk about these desserts for a minute… There is a big trend to do some pretty intricate cookie, cupcake and cake designs and while I love them all they can get pretty expensive. Even having a two tiered white cake made at the local grocery store will run you $30-$40 before you do any design work to it. My secret to not blowing the budget here…. Trader Joes! You guys, that cake was $6.99 and how pretty does it look with some little flowers added to it?! I ended up getting all of the food (cake, cupcakes, cookies, cheese, meat, crackers, spreads and sparkling waters) PLUS all of my flowers there for under $100!

That meant I could splurge on those giant balloons…. because did you know that helium went up a whopping 35% this year?! Not cheap but for me worth the bang for their buck visually.

Live in Full Bloom

Activities brought to you by The Dollar Tree and Target dollar section! If I can give you one tip to save when planning a theme for a party it would be to go with whats in season. Being spring meant that everyone had flower themed items for sale in abundance. The tiny pots were three for a dollar as were the pot shaped candles and the activities for the kids were $1-$3 each. Guests were encouraged to plant and paint and take some seeds home for their own garden.


Look closely in the photo above to see her in her first tiny floral crown at 2wks.