ROCKED! Bridal Show with Portland Bride & Groom 4.4.17

This was our VERY FIRST bridal show so needless to say I was a little nervous about being in charge of the booth.  My background in visual display gave me the confidence to tackle it though!  After all, how many window displays have I executed over the last 10 years... hundreds at least! 

THe Historic Cedar School ROCKED! Booth

So here was the thought process, start by replicating our slated feature wall in the auditorium and create a room environment that felt true to the modern/vintage marriage of our space.  Keep it light, bright and interesting while giving our brides something to do when they stopped by. 

My step dad and I built the wall one evening after work (which was a walk in the park compared to the 22' version we built in the auditorium)!  Mom painted it for me over the weekend and I set out to find props that would flow together.  I wanted to play off of the tag line my brilliant sister came up with "Where love goes to graduate" by adding items that reminded you it was a school without it being a classroom and achieved that with the globe and vintage desk. Monday the design duo/sister colab came together to finalize the set and BOOM there you have it!

To start the conversation with our brides we chose to do a give away of a FREE HOSTED BRIDAL SHOWER.  People were really excited about it and it started the conversation about their wedding plans and let them know we do more than just weddings at our venue.  We placed the submission bowl in the back to get them to walk into the space and view our slide show.

How pretty are the flowers by Foraged Blooms?! Cassie just opened a shop in Gresham OR and it is so beautiful.  We'll definitely be working more with her and recommending her!

We made a point to go around and introduce ourselves to the other vendors and invite them out for a site visit and had a few too many samples at the end of the night, lol!  All and all a successful event that we will definitely be doing again!

Umm, how cute is my sis though?! (insert heart eyes)

*Special thanks to Niko Hughes and Sherry Czapla for helping us pack up and load in and out.

That's it for now folks,

Thanks for stopping by and reading our first blog post!

<3 Jaclyn